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The First Defenders meet at 6:30 PM on the second Tuesday of each month from September through May. Meetings include dinner and a speaker who may be a guest or a member. Meetings are held at Giannotti’s Country Restaurant on Pricetown Road in Alsace Manor, and will also be provided virtually for members who are unable to attend due to COVID-19 concerns.

A book raffle is held each month with all proceeds donated to battlefield preservation, and members who attend virtually will have the opportunity to participate even if they cannot attend a program.

Guests and new members are welcome. Space is limited in the restaurant, so please contact a board member or the First Defenders by email (see the Regimental Staff page).


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10 Commandments of Leadership in the Civil War

presented by Everitt Binns, Ph.D.

Throughout our lives, we have all been "led."  Some have even had the opportunities to "lead."  But, what is "leadership," and how did it play out during the Civil War.  There are the obvious examples of Lee and Grant, Jackson and Meade or the less obvious Breckinridge and Thomas.  There are the would-be greats of Chase and Burnside and the everyday leadership of Bickerdyke and Rhodes.  This presentation focuses on the "commandments" of leadership, where people succeeded and where they failed.  It will also provoke the audience to name their own candidates as exemplars of leadership commandments.

Everitt (Ev) Binns holds a doctorate in adult education from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as degrees from the Pennsylvania State University where he served as dean of students at the Hazleton and Schuylkill campuses.  A longtime volunteer ambulance provider, Ev transitioned from higher education to become the executive director and chief executive officer of the Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services for more than 20 years.  He continues to lecture, teach and consult.  A First Defender for ten years, Ev lives in Allentown with his wife, Faith.

To Be Announced

Lee in the Gettysburg Campaign

featuring Brad Gottfried

To Be Announced

The Lincoln Funeral Train in Pennsylvania

featuring Scott Mingus