September 27 2023
History is Important (and Can Be Fun, Too!)

The weekly update from the CWRT Congress included a link to an interesting article on why history is important.  Take a look by clicking on this link:

July 10 2023
Did Geology Influence the Battle of Gettysburg?

Obviously, the answer is …Yes!  Otherwise, this would be the end of this article. “With regard to precipitous heights, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up.” The Art of War, by Sun Tzù Background First Defender Dale Kratzer has...

March 20 2023
Seriously. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea??

A recent news report indicates the guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Chancellorsville is about to become another victim to political correctness and the ongoing effort to erase Confederate “things” from the national stage.  Although the cruiser is anticipated to have only three more years of active service on the high seas, we can expect to bear...

September 05 2022
Civil War Medicine Symposium – Saturday, October 15th

Civil War Medicine Symposium Co-sponsored and Presented by the Blue & Gray Hospital Association and the Gettysburg Foundation Kinsley Leadership Center at the George Spangler Farm & Field Hospital Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022 | 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. On Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, the Blue & Gray Hospital Association and the Gettysburg Foundation are...

September 02 2022
Coffee Anyone??

A coffee recipe for a Civil War military hospital from the “The Hospital Steward’s Manual,” by Joseph Janvier Woodward, published in 1862: “No.1. Coffee for ten men. “Put 9 pints of water into a canteen, saucepan (or other vessel) on the fire; when boiling, add 7 1/2 oz. of coffee; mix them well together with...

March 23 2022
‘Intact’ Bomb From Civil War Uncovered During Archeological Survey

Article reprinted from Newsweek, March 4, 2022 A group of archeologists was out surveying a new hiking trail in Cobb County, Georgia when they uncovered an unexploded bomb from the Civil War. According to a Facebook post shared by the Southeast Archeological Center, a team was out conducting a metal detecting survey for a hiking trail at Kennesaw...

March 23 2022
Philly’s only remaining exclusive Civil War museum faced a choice: Sell a jewel or shutter

Reprinted from the Philadelphia Inquirer, March 6, 2022 It’s a once-in-a-generation artifact that rings strikingly relevant: a Civil War battle flag carried by a Philadelphia regiment of Black soldiers — and hand-painted by David Bustill Bowser, the son of a fugitive slave and Philadelphia’s most acclaimed 19th-century Black artist. On deep-blue silk with gold fringe, the...