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November Program Announcement


Our next program is scheduled for November 14th, and will feature a discussion of Jacob Dolson Cox, one of the most exceptional leaders of the Union Civil War effort who is almost unknown. Author Gene Schmiel has turned a spotlight on Cox in an effort to give him his long deserved recognition. Cox would be the tactical commander on the Union left at Antietam, would find later find himself on the road to Atlanta with Sherman, and in command of the Union center at Franklin. Tepid support of Reconstruction and endorsement of civil service reforms before the time was ripe ended his political career, but Cox found success in citizen pursuits as the president of the Wabash Railroad, dean of the Cincinnati Law School and president of the University of Cincinnati. Perhaps his most lasting legacy was his Military Reminiscences, an even-handed work that is still frequently used as a primary source by modern historians.

Meal selections for the November 14th program  are posted on the web site (or you can contact Meal Captain Kathy Little by telephone; her contact info is in the newsletter and on the web site).  Reservations are due by noon on Friday, November 10th!

You can download or read a copy of the November newsletter right here by clicking on the “Newsletters” link at the top of the page.  

We look forward to seeing everyone on November 14th for “Jacob Dolson Cox: Citizen General” featuring Gene Schmiel!


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