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December Program Announcement

Our next program is scheduled for December 12th, and our own Greg Stull will present his second First Defenders program entitled “October 8, 1862: Perryville- The Battle That Wasn’t Supposed to Be.”  The fall of 1862 would be dismal for the Confederacy as Robert E. Lee’s Maryland Campaign would be turned back at Antietam, but Braxton Bragg’s effort to bring Kentucky into the Southern fold would come to a more inglorious end at Perryville.  Greg will discuss Bragg’s strategic plans in the Bluegrass State and explain how an unplanned battle would result in a serious setback for Southern goals of independence.

Meal selections for the December program  are posted on the web site (or you can contact Meal Captain Kathy Little by telephone; her contact info is in the newsletter and on the web site).  Reservations are due by noon on Friday, November 10th!

You can download or read a copy of the December newsletter (including a review of the Gettysburg Remembrance Weekend events) right here by clicking on the “Newsletters” link at the top of the page.  

We look forward to seeing everyone on December 12th for “October 8, 1862: Perryville- The Battle That Wasn’t Supposed to Be” featuring Greg Stull!


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