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January Program Announcement

Our next program is scheduled for January 9th, and our own Dale Kratzer will present something of a hodgepodge of “Naval Schemes, Plots and Interesting Tidbits.”  Much Civil War focus has been on the land activities, a number of interesting events took place on the water, too.  This program will cover events such as the “first” (?) Navy Seals (Confederate and Union), Confederate chutzpah on the Mississippi, cavalry afloat, the Shimonoseki Campaign in the search for the Alabama, war on the Great Lakes, the influence of the Russian Navy, and other little-known naval events.  


Meal selections for the January program  are posted on the web site (or you can contact Meal Captain Kathy Little by telephone; her contact info is in the newsletter and on the web site).  Reservations are due by noon on Friday, January 5th!

We look forward to seeing everyone on January 9th for “Naval Schemes, Plots & Interesting Tidbits” with our own Dale Kratzer!

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