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First Defenders at Gettysburg!

On Thursday morning, May 31st, an eager group of First Defenders and guests met at the Reynolds/Buford monuments along the Chambersburg Pike to begin a day of monument maintenance for the Adopt-a-Position initiative sponsored by the Gettysburg Military Park.  First Defenders have regularly participated in this effort for many years (as often as not in the rain!).

Because of the number of participants, the “regiment” was able to split into two “companies” to tend to six monuments.  Participants included Don Stripling, Gary Hertzog, Barbara Shafer, Kathy Little, Ev Binns, Roger Cotterill, Linda Zeiber and her friend Maryanne Rossello.  The Park Service presented each participant with a reuseable water bottle as thanks for participating. (Ev Binns and Maryanne Rossello are missing from the photograph.)


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