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First Defenders Kick Off 2020 on January 14th!

Tennessee Ernie Ford sang about “another year older and deeper in debt.”  Whether that applies to you or not, we are embarking on another New Year.  May it be happy, healthy and prosperous for all!

The Program Committee will meet on January 6th to sketch out our 24th (!) campaign roster, but the current campaign will continue the following week on Tuesday, January 14th, with our first meeting of 2020.  On tap will be long-time First Defender Dave Fox and the story of Colonel Charles Albright and the 132nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.  Dave is a descendant of Colonel Albright, a colorful fellow with an interesting Civil War and post-bellum history.  Read more about Dave’s program by navigating to the “Events” tab.

At the same time, check out the January newsletter found (appropriately enough!) under the “Newsletters” tab.  And, be certain to make your reservations for the next program no later than noon on Tuesday, January 7th!


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