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We’re Back! The 24th Campaign Begins on September 8th!

It has been a difficult (and different!) spring and summer.  Our 23rd Campaign was brought to an early end by COVID-19, and our April and May programs were necessarily cancelled (but, both Phil Greenwalt and Tom Huntington are on this year’s schedule!)

We will kick off our 24th Campaign on September 8th at Giannotti’s Country Restaurant on the Pricetown Road in Alsace Manor.  At the same time, with many members telling us they remain leery of public venues, we plan to provide the program virtually!  (See the September Newsletter under the “Newsletters” tab for instructions on accessing the GoToMeeting event on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  It’s easy!)

It is important to note current state guidelines restrict events to no more than 25 people.  We must necessarily cap our reservations at this number until these guidelines change.  Don’t wait to get your reservation into Meal Captain Kathy Little of by signing up on-line.  When we reach 25 reservations, the doors will be closed!

Our campaign will be kicked off once again by Chris Mackowski.  Those who have heard Chris before know he is a powerful and knowledgeable speaker, and his presentation will return to one of his favorite subjects: Ulysses S. Grant.  Check out the details under the “Events” tab.

We anticipate this campaign will be our best ever, but it will certainly be different than the 23 before!  Please bear with us as we adjust to a “new normal,” and try to continue our old ways while adopted new ones!


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