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We Did It!

Our first program of the 24th Campaign was not a sure thing.  The lasting impact of COVID-19 threw our speaker line-up into some confusion; however, more importantly, many of our members are justifiably hesitant to venture out in public.  Add to that the uncertainties of a new meeting venue, and the campaign could have worked out about as well as Braxton Bragg’s 1862 Kentucky incursion!

But, we pulled it off!  24 members were present in-person at Giannotti’s Country Restaurant, and another 11 joined virtually for a program by the always-entertaining Chris Mackowski (who also presented virtually).  While there were a few technical glitches, the feedback received thusfar from those who attended in either manner has been encouraging. 

Which is good, because it looks like we will follow the hybrid format for a few months longer.  Our October 13th program…”Too Much for Human Endurance” featuring Ron Kirkwood…will also be a virtual presentation, and this one will be somewhat more complex because it will include a Powerpoint presentation in addition to the lecture.

Meal selections are now posted on the “Events” page, and current guidelines have increased the restaurant capacity from 25% to 50%, thus allow more First Defenders to meet in person if they are so disposed and comfortable in doing so.  Sign-ups are due no later than noon on Friday, October 9th!

We’re committed to keeping the Round Table going through these challenging times, and hope everyone will hang with us.  Don’t forget, your membership renewal is due on or before the October 13th program.  Dues remain at $25, and can be paid either at the event or by sending them to Membership Chair Lori Border.

It’s going to be a great campaign!


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