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“Joe’s Jaunts” Set for April 28th

A springtime “Joe’s Jaunts” has been set for Saturday April 28th, and the destination will be the Montgomery Cemetery in nearby Norristown.  The final resting place for no less than a half-dozen Union generals (including Winfield Scott Hancock), the cemetery had long been in poor condition before the Montgomery County Historical Society began restoring it to past grandeur. 

The tour will begin at 10:00 AM, and will last about one and one half hours with another half or full hour to stroll at leisure.  The cost will be $150.00 which we will split evenly among attendees.  First Defenders must find their own transportation, and car-pooling is suggested.  Guests are welcome!

Joe is trying to make reservations in a nearby tavern for lunch, but those arrangements are pending. 

Anyone interested in attending should make it known by the April 10th program! 


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