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May 8th Program Announced: Daniel Edgar Sickles

Scoundrel or hero?  Like the Slim-Jim commercial, no one is neutral about Daniel Edgar Sickles, his mercurial life or his role in the Battle of Gettysburg.  Probably no one knows more about Sickles and can discuss the man in more objective terms than our guest, Jim Hessler.

Making his encore appearance to close out the 21st Campaign of the First Defenders, Hessler can paint a clear portrait of one of the few Civil War generals who did not have a colorful moniker attached to his name.  Lawyer, politician, murderer, adulterer, soldier, Sickles was many things in his life.  Whether his actions on July 2nd nearly brought the Army of the Potomac to ruin or completely disrupted Robert E. Lee’s attack plans has been debated for nearly 155 years.  Two facts, though, are indisputable: Sickles would bleed for his country as a result of his leg being shattered by an artillery round and he would eventually be awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that day.

Sign up for the May 8th program by clicking on the “Events” tab or by contacting Meal Captain Kathy Little.  And, don’t forget to read the latest newsletter here on-line or by downloading it from the “Newsletters” tab.  Deadline for reservations is noon on Friday, May 4th.

Election for officers is also scheduled for the May meeting.  All members in good standing are entitled to vote and are also eligible for the offices of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Looking forward to closing out another campaign in grand style with Jim Hessler and Daniel Edgar Sickles!

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