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November Program in Two Weeks — October Program Review

The November First Defenders Civil War Roundtable is just two weeks away…November 13th…as we wrap up our appearances by the Emerging Civil War stable of writers and lecturers.

Kevin Pawlak, a young and talented historian from northern Virginia, will be presenting a program called “Antietam Endgame,” which will review the three days following the titanic September 17th clash between Union and Confederate armies on the banks of the normally-peaceful Antietam Creek.  By day’s end, more than 23,000 Americans had become casualties…the single bloodiest day in the nation’s history…but Robert E. Lee’s Maryland Campaign was not yet played out.

Mr. Pawlak is a licensed battlefield guide at Antietam, and an education specialist for the Mosby Heritage Area.  He is one of the “young guns” continuing to spread the word about the Civil War to a new generation of students through the Emerging Civil War.

Ryan Quint, an ECW colleague, provided a moving and first-person overview on the Battle of Monocacy, an often-overlooked June 1864 engagement that is credited with holding off Jubal Early’s Confederates from capturing Washington, D.C.  Mr. Quint presented the battle through the eyes of several men who participated in the day-long struggle just east of Frederick, Maryland, bringing a more personal perspective to the sometimes-flaccid recitation of battlefield strategies and tactics that fail to take into account the experiences and emotions of those who fight them.  Mr. Quint also talked about the changes to this national military site and the new, updated interpretation available to visitors.

Reserve now for this third-in-a-series of ECW presentations to the First Defenders!

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